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  • No Dragging Your Computer To A Store. No Setting Up Appointments.

  • No Expensive Hourly Rates.

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“Can You Really Help Me That Quick?”

Yes we can! With Remote Computer Repair!

You Don’t Even Have To Leave Your Chair To Get Your PC Fixed.

This Saves You Money! No Using Expensive Gas To Drop Off Your Computer, No Wasting Time In Traffic, and No Waiting For The Local Tech To Finish Working On Ten Other Computers Before Getting To Yours.

You get live support, from a real English speaking technician, and you can even watch while we work.

“How Does It Work?”

It’s easy! Remote Computer Repair provides a safeinexpensive, and secure alternative to dropping your computer system off at the local “Geek.”

Using our state-of-the-art software we are able to login and use your computer as if we were physically there, our Certified Techs can diagnose and fix your system through the internet, no matter what your location.

One of our friendly techs will walk you through the install of our secure “Remote Access” software. This software will allow our technician to control your computer remotely right from his desk. This means you don’t have to unplug your computer pack it up and drag it to our shop, or have some stranger in your home.

If you’re unsure of exactly what the problem with your PC is, we can find it. Our complete diagnostics will find and fix any problems encountered.

Plus, the whole repair process typically takes less than an hour. (You probably can’t even get to your local computer shop that quick!)

Still not sure about Online Computer Repair?

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It Watch This Happy Customer’s Rave Review of Our Online Computer Repair Service:

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“Sounds Great, What’s Next?”

Don’t worry, with online computer repair it’s easy!

  1. Call our toll free number (855) 556-1888 and talk with one of our techs. (Don’t worry, we promise not to scare you with fancy “Computer Talk” and “Technical Jargon.” Our goal is to give the BEST computer service, using regular terms and speaking perfect English.
  2. Your Remote Computer Repair Tech will walk you through the simple install of our secure “remote control” program, which will let us quickly and effectively find what’s causing your computer issue.(It’s very simple and only gives us access once you provide us with your unique user ID and password ensuring your privacy and security, we’ll even show you how to remove the software after the repair is completed.)
  3. Your Certified Online Computer Repair Tech will go through your PC and find EVERY potential issue, we will repair ALL issues that are causing your system to run slow, display pop ups, and remove all harmful viruses, malware, and trojans. (In around an hour you will be completely pleased and so will your computer! That’s what we do; we make our customers and their computers happy!)

“What If You Can’t Repair My Computer?”

Obviously not all computer problems can be fixed remotely, but if your computer still has internet access we can fix almost any problem. For the times we can’t we offer:

We work on all brands