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SoCal Simply AMAZING

SoCal is on one end of the US and I live at the extreme other end here in S W FL. I called them up after looking online. A shot in the dark and I got hold of Robert. He is the Man! I was having printer installation issues, he took control of my lap top and within 15 minutes fixed everything. To say thank you just doesn’t seem to be good enough words Thank You Robert

Richard Mahany


Robert is truly amazing. His team fixed my neighbor’s problem in less than a 1/2 hour a few months ago. He responded to my cry for help today on my mini-IPad very quickly and very professionally. This is the company for all your computer needs. I will continue to recommend them to all my customers. Kathy T.

Kathy Trainor


Robert and his team at SoCal Unlimited do outstanding work. In the last year I have worked most closely with Robert and have been continuously impressed with his knowledge and speed in repairing computers. I highly recommend SoCal Unlimited.


They Fixed In 5 Minutes What HP Couldn’t In Over 2 1/2 Hours!

I was having trouble getting a good internet connection. everytime I put my computer to sleep there was a chance I wouldn’t be able to get on the internet without restarting my laptop. needless to say this was very annoying. I spent over 2 1/2 hours on the phone with HP and they said they I needed to sent it in to be fixed. being my computer is not under warranty I’m sure that would’ve costed a couple hundred dollars. decided to give so cal a try before shipping my laptop to HP thinking there’s a 1% chance they’ll be able to fix it…. and to my surprise 5 minutes into the phone call they fixed what HP couldn’t do in over 2 hours on the phone. I couldn’t recommend so cal enough. just saved me a ton of $ and time. I’m a very happy customer right now!


PC Repair, Virus Removal, Data Recovery.

So Cal did an outstanding!!!! Job these people saved all of my 28,000 songs+ on iTunes! All of my playlist an pictures like they some how made it faster? Just an outstanding job as well as customer service like day by day with important updates on what ever you bring them. Highly recommend cause they get the JOB! DONE!

Gabriel Miramontes

Third Try Is A Charm

The two weeks before I finally found the guys at SoCal Unlimited were a visceral hell in trying to fix my laptop. I’d been to two different places to try to get it repaired before finding these guys. After I allowed my laptop to sit for a week at the first place, I was finally informed that they would need to basically charge me the replacement cost of my laptop to repair it. The second place told me they just didn’t want to do the job. SoCal Unlimited however, not only fixed my laptop, but they did so at a rate that was fair and worth their time and mine. So if you’re in the island empire and need computer, laptop, or other electronic repair, call SoCal Unlimited in Yucaipa. They’ll provide you professional service that we leave you satisfied and keep you a costumer forever.

Nicholaus Bond

Very Pleased

I was very pleased with their work. They came to my home to repair my computer for only $35. However, my laptop had deeper issues so they took it to the shop. Two days later it was delivered 100% repaired. They offered a solution that Staples implied was impossible. Thanks for everything; I will refer you to all my family and friends.

Sherri, Loma Linda

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